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Little inspiration book of meals

Gina Smart

This wonderful little food book contains 1000 + 1 meal inspirations. » Verder lezen...

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7 September 2020

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29 September 2020


Auteur: Gina Smart
NUR: NUR onbekend
Uitgeverij: Frappy Books

Little inspiration book of meals

This wonderful little food book contains 1000 + 1 meal inspirations.

The meals all come with advisable side dishes, if preferable.

All the meals are classic or original combinations brought together by the author.

On the Internet and in your own cook books you can find all the accompanying recipes you want, and also give them your own twist. You never have to worry anymore what to eat! If you don't feel that creative, just have a look in your little inspiration books of food.

Or join the little inspiration books of food community on Facebook and place your own recipe.

Don't forget to mention which book and number, for example; Meals, number 784:

"spaghetti with braised cavolo nero, garlic, pancetta, pecorino"

Add your own recipe, and tell us more about cavolo nero or pecorino.

It is so much fun to share your recipes and other useful information!

In all "The little inspiration books of food" the recipes are random, but if you love to make lists like I do, you can categorize them in season, vegetarian, meat, vegetables, pasta and favorites, just by using the numbers.

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