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Business plan on 1 page

Mark van Eck

Every person has plans personal or business related. » Lees verder

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16 oktober 2014

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20 januari 2019

Business plan on 1 page

Every person has plans personal or business related. However often we fail to realize them. We are too preoccupied with day to day issues the plan lacks support from colleagues or it is just more comfortable not to execute them. We have a vague plan but no clear target or direction. This is were this books comes in. Based on a method called OGSM it helps you to convert your dreams ideas and goals into an realistic action plan on one page. Yes just ONE page writing a plan is no longer a cumbersome process but a smart tool to determine what you want and how youre going to get there. OGSM stands for Objectives Goals Strategies and Measures and its a methodology widely uses by companies like Procter & Gamble Coca-Cola and NASA. So get started read this book and quickly learn how to put your goals on paper translate them into concrete activities and make your plan come true. This book is designed to help you master the OGSM methodology step by step and practice a lot. The book is filled with examples best practices and exercises. The examples focus on business scenarios but you could easily apply the theory to your personal objectives as well. The authors Marc van Eck Ellen Leenhouts and Judith Tielen are partners at Business Openers a strategic marketing consultancy firm that helps organizations with Positioning (Why) Strategy (What) and Internal Branding (How). They met at Procter & Gamble that uses OGSM quite intensively and have been using and improving this method ever since.


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