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Almost 13000 years ago the earth was struck by a sudden worldwide catastrophe. » Lees verder

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19 januari 2019


Almost 13000 years ago the earth was struck by a sudden worldwide catastrophe. Giant mammals like the mammoth became extinct. Civilizations vanished leaving only a few traces. The map of the world changed considerably. After a final convulsion the ice age definitely came to a close. The author presents a new and startling theory about the events that likely happened in those days using elements of geology archaeology palaeontology astronomy and mythology which assent to his theory. These indications show that the earths crust shifted as a whole over a large distance within a very short time. The finds provide us with a delicate surprise that had not been detected before. Especially in our time of great changes this book should be read. What is the connection to the Maya who let their Long Count Calendar end at December 21st 2012? To what were they referring? ` A hypothesis made clear from the beginning of the book is explained so well that it is difficult not to search for the truth independently. I can imagine that everything may have happened like this. The writer deserves a lot of thanks for this as it is an art to implant a new idea into somebodys head. (J.M.) `This book provides a lot of interesting information that differs from existing theories. Science should seriously regard these ideas and not a priori ban different views. Some parts are hard to understand but in this book clues are mentioned that cannot simply be pushed aside. (J.E.) `If one is interested in the genesis of the earth in its current shape this is a very interesting book. Writer has been immersed in a lot of scientific studies on the subject and provides an original clear and realistic vision. (T.S.V.)

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